Inner child

The inner child, we all have one you know? You don’t believe me? Try and recall your favourite children’s book, film, toy and tell me you didn’t feel happiness. For some of us, the inner child has been hidden in the darkest corner of our being and we forget how to have fun. How to live lightly, how to be free. It’s sad when you think about it. People conforming to what society thinks is acceptable. I’m not even sure when it became unacceptable to not skip to the shops to get the penny sweets. Ah, skipping brought so much joy, I’m sure it produces serotonin and let’s not forget about the cardio benefits. Anyway, I’m digressing.

Since having my children I’ve rediscovered my inner child, and boy she is a keeper. I laugh hard and loud.Β I dance in the kitchen. I sing at the top of my voice in the car, even at red lights! I’ve learnt how to have fun again. I love getting down on the floor to play lego (and barbie but we don’t talk about barbie as she is not PC), but my absolute favourite is story time. I get so excited to read to my children, whether it is rhyming with clever couplet sentences or a story with a character overcoming something scary.

Reading books to my children helped me realise there is a gap in the market for my character. At first I felt disappointed that this character was not represented in children’s literacy the same way as other children are. However I now see it as a positive for me. I’m elated at the prospect of being the author that makes this character main stream.

I’ve nearly finished the book, I said that 3-4 years ago. In that time I have not pushed myself to edit the manuscript, again the fear (and then the loathing of the fear). I even have a list of publishers that I think would market the story (that’s another blog, knowing your publisher’s style/preference) but yet here I am still saying it’s nearly finished. I set myself a deadline to complete and send to publishers by the end of January 2017. That’s next week! I’m willing the inner child to help me remain playful and keep it light, instead of forever procrastinating and scrutinising everything within an inch of its life. I’m slowly realising that perfection only highlights imperfections and you know what, everyone/thing has a ying to their yang. If I embrace both I’m certain I’ll find a harmonious ending to my book.

Stay tuned.






One comment

  1. eyeswideshut41 · January 20, 2017

    Keep up the fab work Jan , couldn’t be prouder πŸ’– I will endeavour hop skip and run with you while you embrace your dreams your passion for writing 😊.πŸ‘ xxxx


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