Children’s Book Publishers

My deadline for submitting my manuscript is fast approaching so I thought I better update myself on the big wide world of children’s book publishers. Especially as I have no agent, and without an agent you can’t get published and you can’t get an agent without being published, how ironic! I guess this is why some writers self publish, something I will keep in mind if need be.

The children’s book market is continuously changing which inevitably means the publishers do too. Some of their submission guidelines are comparative to the labyrinth of the Crystal Maze but without the gold tokens, and the harsh reality that you might just get some tumble weeds *please don’t let that be me*. I suspect there will be grammer police locking up all and sundry and binning the dross but I’ve got my rhino skin on and I am prepared as I will ever be.

In hindsight I perhaps should have invested the money in a professional editor. There are some authors out there offering their services and depending on how this first phase of sending my manuscript goes I might take up the opportunity to have a professional critique my work. After all they have been through the process and if they are happy to share their experiences and tips then I’m there, all ears!

For those that are following me and aspiring too, please check out John Fox. This kind soul has taken the time to research and has found 30 children’s publishing houses that are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts, he’s even included the submission guidelines. What a gem! You can find the list here:

Unsolicited manuscripts – 30 Children’s Book Publishers

Hopefully I don’t commit any literacy crimes and ruin my chances. I’ll keep you all posted.






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