I love deadlines – Not!

Some of you might be waiting on an update as I mentioned in my last blog that my deadline to submit to publishers was fast approaching. For those that don’t know, my deadline was 31st January. Yep, speaking in past tense as I have missed it. Arrrgghhhhhh, just when I thought I had this nailed, I go and fall at the first hurdle.

However not all is lost, I’ve missed it for a good reason (clearly in denial and blatantly still procrastinating) as I felt the manuscript really does need a professional’s eye to go over it. After all I’m an aspiring author with a lot to learn. Just because writing is my love does not mean I’ve got the structure correct or that the content is coherent. So  for the small fee of £35 I will have the awesome Lou Treleaven look at my work.  Lou offers a critique service for a variety of work and the main thing I am looking forward to is receiving objective feedback. Once I have her response I will know where my strengths lay (and weakness) and can further improve before finally submitting to publishers.

The critique service takes roughly two weeks so in that time I will focus on getting back to exercising….the mind i.e reading! I’ve not had much time for reading in the final push to finishing the book so I look forward to getting stuck into pages. Does anyone else want to eat a book after they’ve smelt it? Or am I just really really weird? Any-hoo I’ve nearly finished the Celestine Prophecy (really enjoying it) and the next book on the list is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell but that seems to have very mixed reviews. Then I’d like to get back to good old fashion fiction with Swing Time by one of my all time favourites, Zadie Smith.

Whilst I’m waiting for my manuscript to be returned I’ll be nicely distracted with ‘The Writer’s Retreat Weekend’ course which was kindly offered by fellow instagramer (is this even a word?) and award winning, best-selling author Jacquelyn Eubanks!! This amazing lady has (for free!) given up her valuable time to help aspiring authors, like me to refine their craft. Today is day one and I am so excited to begin. It will help keep me focused on my main goal, getting published.

To be honest, I do feel a little disappointed with myself for not sticking to my deadline but I’m trying to look at this as a learning opportunity. I did not really prepare my submission and like wise Benjamin Franklin said. ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. In hindsight I should have been more organised and thought ahead of how I wanted to submit – I was clueless about a covering letter and this is where Lou will hopefully help. By completing little bite sizes of my main goal it should help me get to where I want to be without feeling daunted. Then running and hiding under a rock! So lesson one of my literary journey? Be more organised! This is what I should do but my mind doesn’t work this way all the time, it likes to be free flowing. How do I allow my mind to be creative and a madam matrix of lists and life in general whilst I write? Anyone with tips will be paid in kind.



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