Sticking my head in the sand…

I mentioned earlier that I submitted my script for critiquing but never followed up with an update. The reason being, is that I received constructive criticism (like I asked for!) about my main character and I didn’t know how to process the information. So like an ostrich, I stuck my head in the sand, simply because I didn’t know how to move forward with my writing.

The last few weeks I have been in a bit of a writer’s funk. My thoughts swinging from one extreme to another. Add being a mother to two small children to the mix, and functioning on limited sleep has my head swirling. Some might see the ostrich sticking its head in the sand as a negative but for me I’ve utilised the time to collect my thoughts. When I finally resurfaced this week I saw one of the most inspiring posts on my Instagram feed by Cherise Lily Nana. The act of balancing life and achieving all our goals is fairly idealistic, especially when life is just one big juggling act. One is bound to drop a ball, but that’s fine – don’t beat yourself up about it. Rather than spreading yourself so thinly you inadvertently neglect aspects of your life, Nana discusses the act of tilting. Tilting is where you tilt your energy into one part of your life and frequently rotate, helping your goals and life in general receive equal amounts of your energy. This resonated so deeply and helped spring me into action, so here I am writing.

Nana has also kindly offered a free eBook titled ‘Muse – a journey in creative self-discovery through the muses’. I wasn’t in a position to take up her mentoring services but this book just ignites so much of my passion for my creative side. I started reading last night and already getting so much from her words. I also really appreciate the mini tasks after each chapter, again helping me to focus on my dream and to hone my craft. Thank you Cherise. Your act of kindness has helped so much!

Getting back to my writer’s funk. I find that it helps when I write a bit of poetry, some self-expression really gets my creative juices flowing and helps put me back in the right frame of mind. Earlier this week I wrote a very short poem, a poem about sentimental value. It was very simplistic, but writing down how I feel is such a relief. By reliving my memories also triggers my emotions which is great for writing, in my opinion.

To help me overcome my writer’s funk I’ve finally found a way to help me process the criticism given to me about my character. It has been such a tumbling block having my character unpeeled, I had built him up to be perfect when there were glaringly obvious flaws. I just felt so motionless but remembered I have an amazing friend in my life that can help me authenticate my character. My friend is a child psychiatrist and see’s the type of traits that I was trying to portray in my character. I know her insight will cement my thoughts with my character and it will help me get back on track to submitting to publishers. Yes, yes I know that deadline is well overdue, I’m now attempting tilting 🙂

For anyone reading that may be struggling with an aspect of their life and they are accused of sticking their head in the sand. It’s ok, everyone is different. Some look beautiful on the surface, but are kicking relentlessly to not spoil the facade of their perfection (swan) whilst there are people like me, that happily show all their flaws, head in sand, bum in air (ostrich) as long as we all achieve what we set out to do it doesn’t really matter how we got there. Focus on yourself and what you’re doing and don’t mind others, admire their beauty and work on your own.

I’ll update you next week about my character building exercise.

Stay tuned,

Janique x

Photocredit: sateenmuru_travels of Instagram


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